Tuesday, September 25, 2012

90 Days until Christmas!

Yep ,Yep ,Yep,  just three months until Christmas.   Its still very warm in S.E Georgia but I have Christmas on my mind.  Bob and I do not have bunches of money to spend on gifts.  Money is real tight for us.  I don't have money for extras.  We can't even afford the neccesities.  The holidays are fast approching.  The stores are getting there holiday mechandise out.  You can layway now and spend a little each week.  None of that appeals to me.  I have no room in our budget for extras. 

Just like last year Bob and I won't exchange presents.  We will instead plan on giving to family and friends.  My children are of the four legged variety.   They will be happy with a walk and extra playtime with Mom and Dad.  I never did belive in giving your pets presents.   Next I will have to make a list of who we are giving gifts to.  Just like Santa :)  !
I plan to crochet most of the presents this year.  Slippers and ornaments.  I will have to mail them so the lighter the package the better.

Here is one pattern I have started Pudgy Piggy Slipper by www.Redheart.com.

These will be for my niece who had asked me if I could make them months ago.  Nothing like a Christmas dead line to get me motivated.  So Ho! Ho! Ho! away I go!
This is life as I know it...