Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blogs, Dogs and Automobiles!

So... what does the title of today post have to do with anything.  I'll tell you. Absolutely nothing. I just wanted to post a picture of my dog and write about it.  I also wanted to included this carton from the Off the Leash Facebook page that I follow. Here the picture....
 You can visit there web site at I enjoy the cartoons. It really reflects on how people and pets relate to each other.  The cartoon that I posted got me thinking about how to do my own blog.  I mean this pooch has it all figured out. Write about what you know and spread it out.  Keep people coming back for more. If this pup can do It then so can I!
In future posts there be a new recipe, Hip to be a crochet square segment, Gardening by the yard and maybe some book reviews. Of course my kids ( the four legged kind)!
As promised here our their pictures.
This is Rascal and she lives up to her name.  She gets in to all kinds of mischief. Her favorite thing to do in life is just being a dog. If you are familiar with the Three Stooges then she is Larry , Curley and Moe rolled up into one dog.
Next is Sadie my pretty lady!
Sadie has a big heart, loves people and as you can see in her pictures likes to smile for the camera! She likes walks and tummy rubs.  She content to stay by your side and silently watch over you.  The difference between my "girls" is like night and day.  I celebrate those differences and enjoy each day I have with them!
If you noticed I didn't blog about automobiles.  I just threw that in the title of the blog to round it out some. Until next time this is Life as I know it!

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