Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today while with Bob, I saw a small camper being pulled by a pickup truck.  Its was half moon shape enough room for two people to sleep.  Hmm I thought to myself that could work for us.  A pickup truck and a place to sleep who could ask for anything more.


 We could live like nomads go from pillar to post. Going were we please and not belonging anywhere. Of course Bob just looked at me and grunted.  You can't be serious!  I'm not sure what I want, just want something different.  A couple of weeks ago I said let's move to Alaska, yesterday it was North Dakota. Nothing is keeping us here. We have no  family.  A few friends but nobody that would miss us if we weren't here. Sounds depressing but that how I feel at the moment. It's been coming along time. It came to a head at a church supper when we had no place to sit.  I looked around the room and thought we would be intruding if we tried to join in.  So we sat at the back on the portable stage ate than left. It was a mistake going one I won't make again. I'm finding that folks like me for what I can do for them.  As long as I'm doing then I'm ok to have around.  I spend much of my time alone (except for Bob and the dogs). Alone is ok its the loneliness that gets to me. That's where I'm at now.  If I'm going to be alone than I might as well do it on the road.  Maybe adopt Willie Nelson's "On the Road again" as my theme song. Travel about until I find a place to belong.
This is life as I know it...

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