Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friendship, Friendship a special kind of blendship!

Today is Thursday and I'm just getting around to writing about the weekend.  I could say that I'm so busy but the truth is that I've been bitten by the procrastination bug. This was fueled by us not having air conditioning.  Hot in Georgia is an understatement.  The ac unit quit working over the weekend, it was pronounced dead on Monday.  We don't have the funds to replace it.  Just like many folks  our savings are depleted, thanks to this "new" economy.   Thank goodness for Walmart , Lowes and their credit cards.  We bought room air units and now are cool and cozy.

Ok back to the weekend , I did something that I haven't done since 1994,  almost 20 years. If you think about it kind of sad. You may be wondering what could this be. For me its how could this be.  I've been described as a good listener, sweet, nice, funny, caring,and kind. You might also add a pain in the behind :)!  All those kind words mean nothing if people don't want to spend time with you. So what did I do this past weekend?  I went shopping with a girl friend and I liked it! My friend Ginger and I went to a Consignment Shop Crawl in Fernandina Beach.   Six - Eight shops participated, offering special discounts for the day.  WE made it to two shops.  I had a blast. It was nice just shop, look, and listen with my friend.  For a few hours I did not think of my husband, home or pets.  Ok maybe just a little. :)  I did not buy much but that wasn't the point. It was spending the afternoon with Ginger and getting to know her better.  I'm not an expert but I think this is how Women form strong friendships.  Doing things that bind us together. It could be book clubs, Charity work, business or a hobby. For me its shopping and lunch at Chick-fla.  I will definitely do this again and not wait 20 yrs.
And This is Life as I know it...