Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My day of flops..

Did you ever have a day when nothing went as planned.  Yesterday was that day for me. It started out ok. Waking up, getting hubby off to the first scheduled client. Garden chores done. The kids (dogs) properly spoiled.  The house was straighten and neatenize.  Dinner needed to be early because Bob had a committee meeting at Church. So I thought I would try a new cake recipe. Possibly blog abut it later.  Well that's not going to happen anytime soon. It bombed.  The aroma was great.  My husband  said it looked like a ski slope.  It's supposed to be a pineapple cake not a ski slope. I set my cake aside. My husband leaves and I settle in to crochet. I'm working on a baby sweater. The pattern says it simple and the author states it should take 2-3hrs to finish. I'm on day 4 or maybe 5 of crocheting this sweater. To be fair I crochet 10 minutes stop and let the dogs out or in. Stop and play with the dogs. Stop and give their tummies a rub. You get the picture. I have allot of distractions but that's the way I like it. Last night I hit a snag in the pattern. The sleeves were not cooperating. The round counts were way off and I was so careful. I count, recount  take out a row and count again. It was just  not working out according to the written pattern.  So I rip everything out and start over carefully counting every stitch. It's still was not coming together right ugh!
 This how I felt...
I kept working at it and somehow I came up with a sleeve. It's not done exactly like the pattern but it will work. One sleeve done and one more to go.  I will put up pictures of it in a latter post.
Next I need to salvage the ski slope aka pineapple cake.  I cut the cake in half.  The better half is placed on a cake plate and served with whipped cream.  The ski slope half wrapped and frozen for latter use.  It will probably toasted for a cake crumb topping for ice cream or for a fruit cobbler. Nothing will go to waste.
 I will keep working on the pineapple cake recipe until it comes out right. Not sure what went wrong but I will figure it out.
If at first you don't succeed try, try again! 
This is Life as I know it...