Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rockin the Crock-Pot

I am a self professed Crock-Pot Princess.  Love cooking with my Crock-pots. Yes that was plural, I have more than one and in all sizes.  I cooked everything in them from soup to nuts, desserts, bread, cakes and main dishes. It's my go to appliance especially if I going to have a busy week. 
  My hubby and I have one vehicle and it takes some coordination of schedules to get where we are needed . We own a Handyman Service.   This week Hubs needs my help on ones of his jobs.  We both have a Business lunch to attend and I begin the packing of the Blessing Bags for Christmas. Eating out is not an option for health and financial reasons.  MY crock-pot is going to get a work out.
 This is what I tossed together...
Four Ingredient Crock-Pot Roast
4 pound bottom roast
4-white potatoes
1-simply organic French Onion Dip mix

Step 1:
Line a 6qt Crock-pot with tin foil.  Make sure the sheet are long enough to overlap.  Place the potatoes in the bottom of Crock-pot.


Place Roast on top of potatoes
Rub roast with French onion dip mix
Cut carrots in to large pieces and place around the Roast

Seal the tin foil and cover
The finished Roast!
The crock-pot was set on low for the first 4 hrs.  High for the last two hours of cooking.
Serves from 4-6.

The Roast was juicy with a mild oniony flavor. It was not fork tender but it still easy to slice.  Next time I will start it earlier and cook at the lower temperature.
There was plenty of left overs which will be used for more crock-pot meals during the week. Recipes
will be posted at a later date. Have Blessed Week!
 This is life as I know it..

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