Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To create or to make that is the question.

In class one day Sister Mary posed this question to us - who creates?   She was my eighth grade English, Religion and Homeroom teacher at St Johns Berchmans Catholic School.   We all responded God. She then asks can we create. Just like the glass half empty or half full question. Some answered yes, while others answered no.  I was on the fence because there had to be a catch somewhere and  I was right. One student had to look up the word create in the dictionary, while another student had to look up Genesis 1:1 in the bible.  Sister Mary asked each to read their findings out loud to the class.

                  From the Bible...

From Webster's dictionary...
Create- to cause to come into existence, bring in to being - 

Leave it to Sister Mary to combine a English and Religion lesson. We came to the conclusion that to create means to make something out of nothing.  Do you like our  logic!  Sister asked again who can create? God, we resoundingly answered!  In her opinion the word create  was overused.  Only God can create something out of nothing. He spoke us into existence, we're made in the image of Him. Mankind needs materials  to make something.  It could be a seed in the soil, paint to a canvas or yarn and needles. Throw in our imagination  and the skies the limit.

God gave me a creative spirit.  I remain connected to my Mother, Aunts and Grandparents who all had the same spirit.  Why do I make things?  Its keeps me centered and in awe of God, the father.
This is life as I know it...
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