Friday, September 27, 2013

My Favorite Things!

Its Friendship Friday over at the Create with Joy blog. Its a fun place to visit and I get some great inspiration.  Every Friday there is a theme to blog about. This week is favorite things. The link to is I usually don't do the themes.  This time I'll spread my wings and give it a go.
The questions asked by Create with Joy are
  • What book do you never tire of reading?
  • What song do you never tire of hearing?
  • What movie do you never tire of watching?

  • What book do I never tire of reading?

    To be honest I only read a book once.  Once read I'm done. If I were to re-read a book it would be this one.
    I have a leather bound book of The Bronte Sisters works.  I brought to my Mom while she was in the nursing home.  She wanted to re-read some of her favorite books.  This was one she requested and it was the last one she read.  She passed away a few weeks after finishing it.  The book remains in my permanent collection.

    What song do I never tire of hearing?

    This ones a toughie.  I love music and enjoy all different  genres.  Music was an important part of my childhood. I learned to play the violin and preformed in the school Orchestra. It's was boost to my self confidence. 
    If I had to choose one song it would be this...

    Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. It lifts my spirits.  It feels
    like spring on the coldest of winter days.

    Last but not least
    What movie I never tire of watching?

    Easy any movie made by Gene Kelly.  My favorite is...

    I can watch this over and over again. It just make me smile!

    These are just a few of my favorite things!

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    Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    Still blogging after one year!

    Give or take a couple of weeks I've been blogging for 1 year. My very first post was  I published the title without  a post. Right from the start my first mistake.  I did not have any idea on how to fix it.  So I did a do over a couple of days later and successfully wrote my first post. 
    In 2012 I only published seven posts.  The last one in October.  I started blogging again in July of this year and resumed  publishing posts.
    Some things I've learned during this 1st year.

    1.  Mistakes happen, learn from them!
    2.  Blog about what I know and love.
    3.  Don't be afraid of feedback (good and bad)
    4.  Learn from other bloggers
    5.  Never let the fact I don't know what I'm doing stop me from trying!!!

    That first blog title remains as a reminder of how I started and how this blog has grown.   It's perfectly imperfect!  I suspect it will improve with age... Like Me!

    This is My Blog as I know it...

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    Friday, September 20, 2013

    A Meatloaf Recipe

    Meatloaf is one of my favorite dishes.  Its is my ultimate comfort food.    The recipe I'm sharing today is the one that I promised from my last post  Most of the ingredients I had on hand except for the meat which was on sale.

    First step gather the ingredients.

    Next combine crushed saltines and non fat milk and let soak.

     Next chop up onion and garlic.  I used
     a mini food processer. 
     A lot easier on the hands!
    Next add to saltine mixture.
     Next combine eggs, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce
     and spices 
    Next add ground beef and pork.  Squish together. 
    Hands are the best tool for this!
    Next shape in to a loaf and place in baking dish. 
     Bake for about 1 1/2 hrs.  @ 350*
    Ta DA! Meatloaf!
    It was delicious and we will have lots of leftovers YuM!
    Dinner was late that night.  I need to add in extra prep time when
    a recipe is going to be blogged about.  Oh well I'm still getting the
    hang of it.  I made up a recipe card...
    This recipe serves 12.  Enjoy!!!
    This is life as I know it....
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    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    nO tImE FoR tWoSDAY!

    Woke up early yesterday morning. Ready to get the day started.  Had my to-do list handy now to start checking things off.    I was going to be organized and get-er-done.  Let see devotions first. Yep spending time with God is always a good thing! Next manage my blogging time. I need to find a better way to blog and get my posts done quickly.  Home management next Hubs and dogs need to be cared for meals planned, coupons clipped, laundry cleaned, ironed and put away. Banking and the grocery shopping was next.

      As you can see I had a list building and this was only a part of I wanted to accomplish.  Well in the middle of my devotions WAM lights out! Who knew it could be so dark in the early morning. I think of myself as a go with the flow girl. That is as long as it does not interfere with what I want to do.

    Second new list: find flashlight, located battery operated lanterns , call Electric Authority, Pray for electricity to come on soon and make a new list..

    An hour later power was restored.  I had to rearrange the order of when stuff would be accomplished. So here my third new list.  Finish Devotions , Fold and put away laundry (ironing can wait), shop for groceries.  Felt pretty good about this list.  A slight delay but its manageable and I still had time to add to it.

    Ok had my grocery list and coupons so off to the Market then remembered that I forgot to pull the turkey breast out of the freezer for dinner.  Direct result of power being out. 

      Saw that ground beef and pork was on quick sale.  Fourth new list I'm getting good at this (HA)!   Meatloaf for dinner (recipe will be in next blog post).  Since it a twosday thought I would try a new cake recipe ( also in next blog post).

    Grocery shopping completed and food put away.  Ingredients pulled for tonight's dinner and dessert.   Still I can't get over the feeling that I haven't accomplished anything.  I spent a good portion of my day worrying about my to do list and what I was not doing. This kept me from enjoying some life's unexpected treasures. For instance  snuggling with my hubs, during the power outage. Going for an early morning walk with the kids or just listening to the peace and quiet.
    Here is my fifth and final list...
    1. Honor God
    2. Honor Hubs
    3. Honor Me
    Having my priorities straight will keep me flowing in the right direction!
    This is Life as I know it...

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    Wednesday, September 11, 2013


    September 11, 2001 started out to be a  typical day for me.  Doctors appointment than errands to run. I was leaving the Doctors office around 9:15 when I had a feeling that something was wrong. People were talking there was a sense of urgency. The atmosphere seemed charged with panic.  I ignored it all.  There were people to see and things to do. No time for the latest bit of the Worlds nonsense.  My next stop was the Military Base Pharmacy to get a prescription filled.   Found out what happened. Watched it unfold on the TV.  Shock was all that I could feel.     
     All I wanted to do was go home and call my Mom.
    I was able to leave the base before it went into lock down.  Plans for the day were abandoned. My prayer was Oh God .... then tears. That's it.  I did not ask Him why, I knew the answer.
      Evil exists pure and simple. 
     Called  Mom when I got home.  'Mom' my voice cracks, " I know" is all she said. She was expecting my call.  Mom knew I would need some solace from her. This time she couldn't offer any. 
     We spoke only a few words ending with I love you.
       Mom lost her will to live.
      She did not want to be in a World were so much hatred and destruction exists.
     Four months later I'm with her when she passes away to complete peace.
    Twelve years have passed ours lives have returned to some kind of normal. There's been ups and downs. Through it all I keep my heart focused on the one who gives complete peace...Jesus!
    This my prayer for you...
    This is Life as I know it...
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    Thursday, September 5, 2013

    Crocheting by Heart!

    I'm a crocheter. Been crocheting for 45 years.  Wow it's hard to believe that much time has passed.    If you step in to my home the only evidence of my art is a tote bag of yarn near my rocking chair.  There are no crocheted items displayed.  No toilet roll covers or cozies of any kind.  Everything I make is given away.  A project may start out for my home but usually ends up somewhere else.  It's how I show God's love.  The recipients (known and unknown) are prayed for while I'm crocheting their gift. I admire those who can design and sell their work. To me it's amazing I wish God had given me the gifts to do that but I'm just not wired that way.
    My joy comes from giving it all away!

    Recently I finished a gift set for my Niece who is having a baby.  I will post pictures of it at a latter time.  When I'm in between projects I make hair scrunchies. It something I can do while watching TV and you guessed I give them away!

    I just crochet around an elastic pony tail holder.  Attach the yarn, chain about 8 and single crochet in the pony tail holder, repeat until it's full.  Its a good way to use up scraps of yarn.
     I also fix up small dolls to go in to toy packets that I put together for the
     Isaiah 6:8 Blessing Bag Ministry

     These bags are going to Mexico and the Philippines.  We service  areas where Samaritan's Purse does not go.

    Filled bag ready to go!

    Happy faces!
     Allot of hands goes into this ministry. I just play a small part. There ladies that sew the bags. Others collect the items that are donated.  Some fill, sort and gather.  All are important.  There's more that is done that I did not mention but it does not go unnoticed.  I simply use my gift to serve others and that is Life as I know it...
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