Wednesday, September 11, 2013


September 11, 2001 started out to be a  typical day for me.  Doctors appointment than errands to run. I was leaving the Doctors office around 9:15 when I had a feeling that something was wrong. People were talking there was a sense of urgency. The atmosphere seemed charged with panic.  I ignored it all.  There were people to see and things to do. No time for the latest bit of the Worlds nonsense.  My next stop was the Military Base Pharmacy to get a prescription filled.   Found out what happened. Watched it unfold on the TV.  Shock was all that I could feel.     
 All I wanted to do was go home and call my Mom.
I was able to leave the base before it went into lock down.  Plans for the day were abandoned. My prayer was Oh God .... then tears. That's it.  I did not ask Him why, I knew the answer.
  Evil exists pure and simple. 
 Called  Mom when I got home.  'Mom' my voice cracks, " I know" is all she said. She was expecting my call.  Mom knew I would need some solace from her. This time she couldn't offer any. 
 We spoke only a few words ending with I love you.
   Mom lost her will to live.
  She did not want to be in a World were so much hatred and destruction exists.
 Four months later I'm with her when she passes away to complete peace.
Twelve years have passed ours lives have returned to some kind of normal. There's been ups and downs. Through it all I keep my heart focused on the one who gives complete peace...Jesus!
This my prayer for you...
This is Life as I know it...
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