Thursday, October 31, 2013

October in Review Wordless Wedesday.

So it's not Wednesday. It is the last day of October and that close enough for me. The pictures that I'm sharing are from some of the  happenings around my little neck of the woods.

First my fall mantle.  Arranged by an amateur designer (that would be me) made up of Thrift Store finds, stuff from the Dollar Store and items handed down to me by family!

Next are scenes from the Rock Shrimp Festival


The Arts and Crafts Fair.

In my home town we have a scarecrow stroll. Business's, Churches, Civic groups and individuals decorate a scarecrow and place them in the median    It's the South's version of celebrating the seasons changing.


 Last but not least my Churches trunk or treat gathering!

This is October in my home town!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rockin the Crock Pot Recipe! Mex-Summer Squash Pork Chops

I've been AWOL from blogging.  I have arthritis in my hands and the pain gets to much. I take breaks from the activities that cause the most discomfort, which is just about everything.  So I pace myself and decide which is more important to do. Take lots of breaks and  care for my hands. 

I have recipes to share. Most are written down on scraps of paper and piled on the desk waiting to be written in the blog.

The one I'm sharing today came on day that I did not want to fuss about dinner.  I was not in the mood to chop, dice or measure anything. So I searched my cupboards and refrigerator and came up with these ingredients. Three to be exact. The only thing I had to slice was the zucchini.

The Ingredients

I simply layered pork chops and salsa them placed summer squash on top.  Cover and cook on low for 4-6 hours.  This was perfect for my 2 QT Crock-Pot aaand....

Ta-Da dinner complete!


Ok well photography is not by strong suit but dinner tasted better then it looks!  The chops were mildly seasoned and the squash picked up on some of the flavors.  I had served it with a southwestern quinoa brown rice mix. It was easily prepared in the microwave. 

Here is the recipe for a simple dinner when you don't feel like fussin.

Crockpot Mex-Summer Squash Pork Chops

1 ¼ Boneless Pork chops (about 4)
Salsa-any variety
Zucchini and yellow squash sliced. 2 of each or any combination.
Place ¼ cup of Salsa in bottom of a 2 Qt Crock Pot.
Add 1 pork chop than some more salsa.
Repeat with remaining pork chops ending with salsa.
Add Squash. Cover and cook on low from 4-6 hrs. or until juices run
clear on the pork chops.
Serves 4
I prepared this on a Saturday and had leftovers.  Its was turned into a taco salad for our Sunday after church meal. Easy peasy!

All I used was a salad in a bag mix (southwestern style) that had the dressing etc. Diced up the pork chop added the squash and rice mixture and had a main dish salad.  Two meals from one crock-pot.
Now that's easy!
This is life as I cook it!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday ...

 Trying something new this Friday.  Listing any five things.
1. Fall is here.  Its still warm in the South but I like planting the fall flowers.
Mr. & Mrs. Scarecrow
2. I enjoy having my neighbor animals visit my yard...

3.Office/Craft Studio is complete... 
4. My Fall Wreath is finished! Woo Hoo....

5. Thinking about what to create next...
      picture by Fiona Childs 
These are my five things....

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Crocheted Fall Wreath

I just completed my first seasonal project for my home.  It's a pattern from +Red Heart Autumn Fall Wreath.  I used yarn from my stash so only thing purchased was a Styrofoam wreath.  The pattern calls  for straw (didn't read the pattern all the way thru)  but the Styrofoam worked well.  The pattern was easy enough to crochet. An advance beginner could complete it.  Stitches used were slip stitch, single  and double crochet. With some simple shaping techniques  you will have a wonderful wreath.

My material list:
14 inch Styrofoam wreath.
Yarn from my stash (fall colors)
straight pins

The first step is to wrap the foam wreath with yarn.  It was wrapped with two strands of yarn rolled into one ball.  Dark brown and Red Hearts Fiesta in rust was used.  I secured it with straight pins and used fray check on the ends of the yarn.

I crocheted the leaves and other components.  Straight pins were used to secure them to the wreath.
Here is the finished product.


It was quick and easy to finish. Great for using up leftover yarn. Plus the leaves could be used in other craft projects. Here is the link to the free pattern
This is crochet as I know it
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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rascal and the Fly! Wordless Wednesday...

Rascal loves to chase flies or any buzzing creature with wings.  This picture from Off the Leash Cartoons was posted on their Facebook page today.

It reminds me of my dog Rascals relentless determination on catching that pesky house fly. 
In the picture below she is barking at the flying insects outside of the window. She wants so badly to catch one.

She puts a smile on my face!
This is my life with Rascal


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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something random...

I'm doing some catch up blogging.  I took a break and spent the weekend with Hubs just being together.  

So todays post is about something random which is inspired by +Create With Joy Friendship Friday. I know it's Tuesday but I like the idea of sharing something random. Create for Joy suggests a movie, book, song, recipe anything random you want to share. For my randomness I'm sharing this photo.

It 's my not quite Martha Stewart attempt at flower arrangement


The roses and zinnias come from my garden. It was the first time I cut flowers to bring inside my home.  I told a friend that I felt like Martha Stewart.  Picking out the perfect bloom to become part of the bouquet.  A bouquet I grew.  It was the first time I grew Hybrid Tea roses. They were so fragrant.
and bushes were full of flowers. It would be nice to bring the outdoors in so I gathered a basket and made my selections.  They had to be trimmed and placed in a vase.  There was a lot of arranging and rearranging but I got the job done. It made for a pretty centerpiece for the dining room table.  To think all I had to do is step out into my garden.  It's a good thing!

This is Life as I know it

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rascals Ride!

Rascal favorite place in the whole wide world is in our pick-up truck!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Applesauce Spice Cake from a MIx

It's Fall and I feel like baking. It happens every year.  Don't have a clue about why but I what to crank up the oven. I get the cookbooks out. Search through blogs and Pinterest I made my list and checked it twice. Ok maybe I didn't check it twice (wrong season) :)  but a list was made.

The aroma of fresh baked goodness makes our home just plain homier.  I like to bake all kinds of things. Breads, cakes, cookies , pies oh my!  Quick & easy to scratch baking.  Healthier versions to bring on the butter.  I like it all.
 The cake recipe posted today uses a mix. Duncan Hines Spice cake, but you can use your favorite brand. The recipe is on the side panel of the cake mix box. I made a couple of changes basically using  what I had on hand.       
  The ingredients....

I used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil it added a nice flavor.  A generic brand of apple pie filling and a half cup of chopped nuts (it's all I had) instead of a whole cup.  For hubs and I that was plenty.
The icing was store bought caramel apple flavor. The recipe on the box called for store bought vanilla with a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed in.  The caramel apple was new for the fall and I gave it a try on this cake.  Its was definitely sweet.  
Next combine all the ingredients in a bowl...
Now I just dump and stir.  After reading the recipe (oops), I should have stirred the pie filling in a separate bowl and broke in to small bits. Stir the filling in to the already prepared cake batter than add the nuts. Oh well it turned out just fine from my dump and stir method!
Next spread the batter in a prepared pan....
I choose a Bundt pan, it makes a pretty presentation but a 13 x 9 pan will work .
bake @ 350* for about 35-40 minutes. Ovens vary so you need to check it.
Let it cool in pan for about 15 minutes...
Remove from pan and let cool completely before frosting...
The frosted goodness...
Applesauce Spice Cake
1 pkg Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix
3 large eggs
1 - 21 oz. apple pie filling
⅓ cup of coconut oil
½  cup of chopped nuts
1 container Pillsbury caramel apple icing  

Preheat oven to 350*. Grease and flour your cake pan.
Combine cake mix egg and oil. Stir to combine. Beat for a a couple of minutes.
Stir in Apple pie filling and nuts. Spread into prepared baking pans. Bake for about
35-40 minutes.  Cool in pan for about 15 minutes.  Remove from pan on to cooling rack.
Frost when completely cooled.
This cake will satisfy any sweet tooth. Hubs loved it, for me its was a little too sweet.  I'm going to tweak it some and find a version that is not so sweet.  The fall baking season has got off to a sweet start!
This is my Life as I know it...
Happy Baking!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


So for today blog post I decided to take up another challenge. Well it's not really a challenge. Just some ideas to boast your creativity.  It's from  Create With Joy.  Her theme this week is Blogaversary.
Here are the questions she asked...
  • How long have you been blogging?
  • What was your first blog post about?
  • How many posts have you written?
  • What is your favorite topic to blog about?
  • How has blogging changed your life?

  • My blogging anniversary was last month and I wrote a short post about it here  Since I want to improve my writing ability I'm challenging myself  to post things that hard for me to do. That is write about myself. 
    So with no further ado...

     How long have you been blogging?
     I've been blogging for about a year.  I started in September 2012 , did a few posts then stopped.  I picked it back up in June or July and have been blogging ever since.
     Sadie my blogging buddy!

    What was your first blog post about?

    It was titled I don' know what I'm doing?  That's all I published.  I made a mistake and didn't know how to fix it.  It took me several hour just to get the basics set up on the blog.  I thought what the heck I will leave it and try again in a few days.  I did and published a blog post.  I left my first title up to remind myself how much my blog has improved.

    How many posts have you written?

    Including todays 32. Two of those our wordless post and my first post which was just a title.  Just to be accurate I wrote 29 posts!

     What is your favorite topic to blog about?

    That's hard question to answer.  I like everything I write about.  If I didn't it would not show up here in my blog.  If I had to choose one it would be cooking.  It sparks my practical and creative side. An added bonus Hubs gets to taste test my cooking creations!

    How has blogging changed your life?

    Blogging give me a voice. There is no one to share my story with I don't have  children.  I want to write about things that I would have shared with a daughter.  Some of the stuff I wish my own Mother  would have shared with me.  It also sparks my creative spirit.  I've finished more projects.  Its like hey I can blog about that!  
    One added bonus of blogging is I have met other bloggers.  Their ideas have helped me improve my blog.  Sharing  has made blogging an enjoyable experience for me!

    This is my Blog as I know it...
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    Friday, October 4, 2013

    #5 Minute Friday :Write

    So I'm trying tio improve my writing skells.  I taking up this challenge of writing with out stopping. NNo editing, grammer corrections.  YOu can see by my first sectence that I need allot of help.  This is very difficult.  As you can see I'm not a writer.  I want to bbe.  Spell check and the backspace key are my friends.  I edit everything.  I so want my words to be perfect.  Most of the time I will take several hours to writhe a single paragraph.

    I guess it because there are so many good blogs out there that I com  stop.

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    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    A neat idea for Crocheting with thread.

    Folks who crochet or knit have all kinds of ideas on how to make working with fiber more efficient. There are oodles of products on the market that can help. Needle workers are very generous about sharing any tips they've learned. I wanted to share one of mine with you.

      Approximately 15 yrs. ago I began working with thread.  I like making delicate and lacy items from it.  What I don't like is having thread roll all over the floor then have the family pet think it's a toy!

    I won't name any names but...

    the pictures say it all!
    Well I needed to come up with something that would  keep the thread in one place. A holder of some kind.  I worked at a hardware store, and there was a toilet paper dispenser on clearance.  It was made of oak and missing some components.  For a couple of bucks I'd give it a try.  Showed it to hubs and this what we put together.

     Scraps of pine board, 1x2 strips , plastic toilet paper holder and stain is all that was needed to make this  holder.  I stained the board.   Hubs attached the 1x2 strips and oak dispenser  to the board. 
    Ta Da  completed!!!
    For about $3.00 I have a crochet thread holder that works.  I've been using this for at least 15 yrs.  My thread stays in one place and out of the dogs mouth!   It make me one happy crocheter!
    This is life as I know it
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