Friday, October 18, 2013

Crocheted Fall Wreath

I just completed my first seasonal project for my home.  It's a pattern from +Red Heart Autumn Fall Wreath.  I used yarn from my stash so only thing purchased was a Styrofoam wreath.  The pattern calls  for straw (didn't read the pattern all the way thru)  but the Styrofoam worked well.  The pattern was easy enough to crochet. An advance beginner could complete it.  Stitches used were slip stitch, single  and double crochet. With some simple shaping techniques  you will have a wonderful wreath.

My material list:
14 inch Styrofoam wreath.
Yarn from my stash (fall colors)
straight pins

The first step is to wrap the foam wreath with yarn.  It was wrapped with two strands of yarn rolled into one ball.  Dark brown and Red Hearts Fiesta in rust was used.  I secured it with straight pins and used fray check on the ends of the yarn.

I crocheted the leaves and other components.  Straight pins were used to secure them to the wreath.
Here is the finished product.


It was quick and easy to finish. Great for using up leftover yarn. Plus the leaves could be used in other craft projects. Here is the link to the free pattern
This is crochet as I know it
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