Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something random...

I'm doing some catch up blogging.  I took a break and spent the weekend with Hubs just being together.  

So todays post is about something random which is inspired by +Create With Joy Friendship Friday. I know it's Tuesday but I like the idea of sharing something random. Create for Joy suggests a movie, book, song, recipe anything random you want to share. For my randomness I'm sharing this photo.

It 's my not quite Martha Stewart attempt at flower arrangement


The roses and zinnias come from my garden. It was the first time I cut flowers to bring inside my home.  I told a friend that I felt like Martha Stewart.  Picking out the perfect bloom to become part of the bouquet.  A bouquet I grew.  It was the first time I grew Hybrid Tea roses. They were so fragrant.
and bushes were full of flowers. It would be nice to bring the outdoors in so I gathered a basket and made my selections.  They had to be trimmed and placed in a vase.  There was a lot of arranging and rearranging but I got the job done. It made for a pretty centerpiece for the dining room table.  To think all I had to do is step out into my garden.  It's a good thing!

This is Life as I know it