Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rangle the Reindeer my first aNnMaDe design.

Here's Rangle my first crochet pattern.  I came up with the design from looking at Christmas ornaments and thought I could make some of them in crochet.  Crocheting him was easy, writing the step by step instructions was hard. It took a month for me to complete him. I made changes to my original concept as Rangle was taking shape. This took some time.  I kept at it and this is how he turned out.

Rangle the Reindeer pattern

Materials needed:
Yarn Small amount in these colors           1-sparkle red pom-poms  
light brown (mc)                                         2-jingle bells
dark brown (cc)                                          1-piece of poly quilt batting
black - for embroidering  face                     glue
2-large google eyes                                    brown pipe cleaner                     
sewing needle                                            nylon thread
2-small black pom-poms                             size g crochet hook

Stitches (st)
slip stitch (sl st)                                            half double crochet (hdc)
single crochet (sc)                                       treble (tr)
double crochet (dc)                                      chain (ch)

Chain 3 counts as 1st dc.
join rounds

Muzzle-(make 2)
With light brown (mc)
Rd-1  Chain 4  11 dc in 4th chain from hook.  (12 dc)
Rd-2  Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc now and throughout)  Dc in same stitch as  joining.
         2 dc in each st around. Join with sl st to beg dc.  (24 dc)
Rd-3  Ch 3, 1 dc in same stitch as joining. *1 dc in next st, 2 dc next st.* *Repeat around.
         Join with sl st to beg ch 3. (36 dc)  Fasten off
Repeat rnds 1-3 for 2nd circle.

Finishing muzzle
With right side facing attach dark brown (cc) with sl st
ch-1 and sl st around (in top lps) of one muzzle circle.
Join with sl st. Fasten off.  Referring to picture using black yarn sew mouth on muzzle..
With wrong sides together slip stitch muzzle circles together with light brown.  Fasten off.

Head (make 2)
With light brown repeat Round 1 & 2 of muzzle.
Rd-3  Ch 3, dc in same st as joining,  2 dc in next dc and in each st around. Join with sl st to beg dc.  (48 dc)
Rd-4  Ch 3, dc in same st as joining. *1 dc in next st, 2 dc in next st.* Repeat around .
         Fasten off ( 72 dc).
Repeat rounds 1-4 for 2nd circle.

Finishing Head

With right side facing you attach dark brown (cc) with slip st.

Ch-1 and sl st around ( in top lps) of one head circle. Join with sl st.

Fasten off. Set both circles aside to finish later.

Ears (make 4)
Ch 15 with light brown (mc)
*1 sc in 2 ch from hook, sc in next ch, hdc in next 2 ch, dc  in next 2 ch, tr in next  2 ch,  dc in
next 2 ch, hdc in next 2 ch, sc in 2 ch .*  **Do not turn**. Ch-1  Repeat pattern along unworked
loops of foundation ch.  Sl st to beg sc. Ch-1 ** do not turn**   Repeat pattern on one side only. Sl st to fasten off.  Repeat pattern for remaining ears.

Finishing ears
With dark brown (cc) sl st evenly around two of the ears.
With wrong sides facing sl st 2 earpieces together using light brown yarn. 1 with dark brown stitching and  one w/o. Repeat for last two earpieces. Set aside.

Antlers (make 2)
Cut brown pipe cleaner in half. With dark brown (cc) attach to one pipe cleaner half with sc.
Sc evenly across. (I bent the end of the pipe cleaner slightly so yarn would not slip off)
Ch-1 *do not turn* Sc evenly across backside of foundation ch sl st to beginning sc. Fasten off. Repeat for remaining pipe cleaner. To finish sew one jingle bell to each antler.  Shape in form of candy cane.

Refer to picture. Sew muzzle to right side of face circle.  Center it about ½ up of face circle. Place eyes on circle to get an idea on where you want brow to be placed.  With black sew on brows using a backstitch.
Using 2nd face circle as a guide. Cut a piece of quilt batting slightly smaller than circle.

Pin quilt batting, ears and antlers to wrong side of second face circle. Sew around with light brown yarn. Fasten off.

Pin wrong sides of face together. Matching up main face circle. Sew with whip stitch. Except
when come you come upon ears and antlers.  I used a straight stitch. Fasten off . Weave in any loose ends. Referring to picture glue eyes in place. Glue red pom-pom on muzzle for nose. Glue small black pom-poms on corners of mouth . Attach yarn at top of head for hanging.
 Rangle in pieces...

Muzzle one piece w/slip stitch, one w/o
Muzzle sewn together and mouth embroider on.
Head 2 pieces, one piece w/slip stitch
Set head circles aside to finish later.
 Make four earpieces, slip stitch with dark brown around two, than sew to the pieces w/o the slip stitch. Completed ears shown in picture.
Antlers with jingle bells sewn on.
Sew muzzle to right side of face circle
Place eyes on face to give you idea on where to embroider the eyebrows. I placed a straight pin to
mark the spot.  embroider with black using the back stitch.
Pin batting, antlers and ears to wrong side of second head circle.
Sew to circle using light brown yarn.
Pin wrong sides of face together, matching up the main face circle.
Sew with whip stitch using light brown yarn. Except when you come to the ears and antlers I used a straight stitch. 
Referring to main photo glue on eyes and pom-poms.
Sew in any loose ends and attach a string on top for hanging.
I hope you enjoy crocheting him. 
I hold all rights to this pattern.   You may make a copy for your personal use. .  You may share the pattern link on your personnel blog or Facebook . 
You can  sell items you crochet from this pattern at your local craft fairs, church bazars etc. Please credit me as the designer (aNnMaDe design).  This is a free pattern and I would like folks to have fun making him. 
Don't sell or share the pattern or items made from it at on-line shops.
I'm so excited !
My first pattern finished.
Wow! Please share with me what you think.
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