Friday, November 6, 2015

Would you like to swing on a Star! Day 2 of 25 days of Crochet Christmas #ORNAMENTS

Another set of Crochet ornaments are finished!  Two down 23 to go!!! Today ornament is Star in a Star by Julie A. Bolduc of jpfun crochet club. You can find the pattern at this link It's available as a free download. Check out the site there lot of free and paid patterns to download.  

The original was crocheted with size 10 crochet cotton thread and size 7 steel crochet hook.
My samples were  Crocheted with the following yarns.

Small star ------   Bernal Handicrafter  crochet cotton #5 in merry
Medium star --- Sinfonia  cotton  sports weight #8 in antique white
Large star -------  Coats and Clark Speed-Cro-Sheen 
                             Mercerized cotton in white.

Small star steel crochet hook size 6.
medium and large star crochet hook size d.

After you crochet the star you will need to stiffened with fabric stiffener. Use your favorite method.

This pattern was easy to crochet.  It's good for a beginner.  Perfect for the first time working with thread.  I was able to crochet these three in a hour.  It will work well as package decorations or tree ornaments.  You can easily slip them into Christmas cards for nice little surprise.  I hope you give them a try!
Until next time
Happy Crocheting!